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Dat bod
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Dat bod

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Anonymous said: Can I just say I love love love your blog and your insta!! You and your friends are so beautiful and have the best style and you seem like such a cool chick! Xx

OMG this is soooooo cute and nice ❤️thanks xxx

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Anonymous said: Lipgloss, lipstick or lip liner? X

All three haha…
My favourite lipstick right now is cosmo by mac and my fave
Lip liner is spice by mac…
Andddd my fave gloss is just a clear one xxx

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Anonymous said: I need advice! I'm trying to start eating healthy and do more exercise because I want my body to be toned but no idea where to begin! Please help your body is my inspiration x

Start with cutting out sugar (go but Sarah wilsons book) listen to come podcasts by the wellness guys, follow js health and Izab goulart on insta.. Don’t eat pasta rice or bread after 4pm, incorporate incidental physical activity into your life eg walking instead of driving etc. And work out 4 days a week. 2 days interval and weight training and 2 cardio - session times from 30-40 mins xxxx

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Anonymous said: Hey sorry to bother you, just wanted to know where the necklace your wearing with the v neck bodysuit in your recent insta posts is from xx

Not a bother! I love questions! They are rice shaped pearls I when my mum came back from Broome xx

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Jul 28, 2014

Anonymous said: love your pointed heels where did you get them? :)))

They’re tony bianco x

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Isla Shell House
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Isla Shell House

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